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Have A Commercial Building You Want To Sell In Jonesboro And Paragould?

Commercial Building

Do you need to sell your commercial property in Jonesboro or Paragould quickly? Triple L Investments LLC buys Arkansas commercial real estate and commercial buildings in any condition for cash! We Buy Commercial Real Estate in Arkansas. You can sell us your building, land, warehouse, or any other form of commercial property in Jonesboro, Paragould, and the nearby areas. We can most likely buy your Arkansas property regardless of where it is located.


The process of selling commercial real estate is complicated. If you’ve never sold commercial real estate before, you might be unsure where to begin.


This comprehensive guide offers you the in-depth information you need for a successful sale, from pre-sale planning to closing day. Continue reading.

Reasons To Sell Your Commercial Real Estate

  1. A Major Tenant Renews

If a large tenant renews their lease in your home, it can boost confidence in the property’s worth and make selling more appealing. Buyers are more inclined to consider a house with long-term tenants as a stable investment.


  1. Increase In Basis Allows For Sale

When a property is handed on to a beneficiary after the death of the original owner, it is usually worth more than when the original owner purchased it. The death of a long-term owner of a property with a low basis (or initial worth) allows the beneficiary to sell the property without paying taxes on the full amount. In this situation, you essentially pay less in taxes because of the difference between the initial and appreciated the worth of a property. This is known as a step up in basis.


  1. Loan Repayment

A loan on the home or another investment may fall due, necessitating an immediate sale. When you owe money on a property that you are unable to pay, this type of sale can help; essentially, you pass along the loan to a buyer and cash out whatever equity that you may have in the property.


  1. You Foresee A Significant Tenant Lease Expiration

When the main tenant has only one year left on their lease, it might be difficult to sell the property because a potential buyer frequently does not want to deal with finding another tenant within a year of purchasing a commercial property. If you are made aware of a tenant’s intention to leave, selling with 2 to 5 years left on a lease can normally fetch a reasonable price.

The Most Effective Way To Sell Your Commercial Property

Working with commercial real estate investors (aka cash property buyers) is the best strategy to sell your commercial building


Who Are Commercial Property Investors?

A commercial real estate investor assists in the purchase, sale, and leasing of properties. One of the most difficult aspects of selling commercial real estate is determining an exact price for business property. An experienced commercial real estate investor will be familiar with your market.


An expert investor understands the full sales process and can walk you through the key milestones, from pre-planning through closing.


Commercial real estate investors form companies that buy commercial buildings for cash.


The commercial investor is the answer for property owners who want to sell a commercial property quickly. There is no faster way to sell a house unless you have a buyer waiting in the wings.


Commercial investors also purchase distressed properties from owners who are unable or unwilling to repair their structures in order to attract regular commercial property buyers.

The Benefits Of Selling To Triple L Investments

Our process ensures the quickest possible real estate transaction. The sale will be completed in a number of weeks after you accept our offer and sign the purchase agreement.


You will be paid shortly following the closing. There are also no real estate commissions, closing charges, or hidden fees to worry about.


If you have any outstanding debt on the property, we can work with the bank to pay it—even if a short sale is required. As part of our offer, we can contact the local tax office and resolve any tax difficulties.


When selling to us, you are not responsible for the property’s condition as long as it is stated. We purchase a home AS IS. And, once our contract is signed, you will not have to spend time or money resolving any issues.


When putting your property on the market, it’s important to establish its fair market worth. However, if you are selling to a cash buyer, you do not need to spend money on a complete expert appraisal or give the assessor technical and business documents containing the data needed to calculate the worth.


We usually have a cash offer ready for you to review within 72 hours after visiting your property.

How Does It Work?

With these four simple steps, you can sell your Arkansas business property quickly.


  1. Get in Touch

Tell us a little bit more about your property by calling 870 761-5043, emailing, or submitting the web form.


  1. Make an Appointment

Our staff will call you to plan a visit to your property.


  1. Take the Offer

When you accept our reasonable all-cash offer, we’ll sign the contract and set a closing date that works for you.


  1. Obtain Payment

We formally finish the deal on the closing day, and you will receive all of your money within a few days!

Commercial Building

Why You Should Sell To Triple L Investments

Discover why hundreds of commercial property owners in Jonesboro, Paragould, Rector, Marmaduke, Brookland, Walnut Ridge, Trumann, Lafe, Oak Grove, and Bay have chosen us to sell their property.


  1. You will receive an all-cash offer.
  2. We will purchase your property “as is.”
  3. You will receive individual care.
  4. Very quick closing
  5. There are no realtor commissions.
  6. There are no closing costs or fees.
  7. There are no repairs required.
  8. There is no need to wait years for a buyer.
  9. There is no extensive sales cycle.


We buy houses in Arkansas. Please contact us if you need to sell your home immediately… We’d be happy to make you a fair, no-obligation, no-hassle offer. You can choose to embrace it or reject it. You’ve got nothing to lose.


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