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About Logan Lee

Logan Lee is the owner of Triple L Investments, and is a black belt real estate investor.  Logan owned four fulltime martial art schools for 23.5 years and is a sixth-degree black belt.  During this tenure as a martial art instructor Logan was able to reinvest back into real estate and has many more houses than he has years in the martial arts.  With each deal Logan has gained experience and practice in buying, rehabbing, and renting out properties.  This practice has allowed him to give sellers and buyers opportunities not available on the traditional real estate market. A black belt is the highest rank possible in martial arts and symbolizes mastery over the techniques in a particular discipline.  Black belts train for years to master the techniques of their instructors.  Black belts do not cut corners, don’t settle for mediocre and sacrifice to reach a certain level of success.  Let Logan help you in your real estate problems, by letting him buy your property as is, fixing the property, and offering many homes as rent to own options for families that have less than stellar credit, spotty job history, bad debt to income ratios, or other issues.


Logan has helped many families have the pride of home ownerships when banks and other financial institutions say they are too much of a risk.  Logan helps home owners who have properties and need to sell their homes fast due to some of the following issues:


  1. Behind on house payments (risking ruining their credit for next 7 years)
  2. Tired of having bad tenants in their rental units
  3. Have a house that won’t sell on the market
  4. Bankruptcy
  5. Job transfer
  6. Probate/Estate issues
  7. Having a Vacant home is super risky let us take it over
  8. Divorce
  9. Too many repairs needed
  10. Inheritance
  11. Need cash fast
  12. Tired of waiting


There are many areas that Logan has experience in helping people with their real estate issues.  Let us set up a free consultation to go over options and see if your real estate can help you with your problems or get you started with your first real estate transaction.  We offer nontraditional routes to see if there is a solution.  We offer cash, lump sum options, monthly options, traditional financing options, and many more avenues to help mitigate capital gain taxes and other potential issues.  Don’t give all your hard-earned equity to a real estate agent or title company, call us to keep more cash in your pocket and freeing you from your troubles.