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Looking for a fast and efficient way to sell your property without realtors, financing companies, appraisals, and all that? We sure can help you with that. We need more properties, and you need to sell yours; we can come up with a good deal. You do not need to spend extra cash to pay a realtor, and you need not worry about taking too long to sell your property. All you need to do is get in touch with us. We can use your escrow company, or we can use ours, whichever way you desire. Then, sell your home to a reliable source with great ease and speed.

Why sell owner finance?

Sell owner finance is the best way to go about selling your property if you want to sell it off with less stress and fast enough. As a seller, you are even more advantaged as you can name the amount you want for the house. Who is sell owner finance perfect for? This option is great for those; Here are a few examples:

Moving out of the area and having a property that needs maintenance but is unwilling to deal with renters.

If your property needs a major fixer-upper and you are not ready to put money into the property, sell owner finance is also a good option for you, and we have you fully covered on that.

Those in a tax situation or any other structured bill where making payments over several years is more attractive than making a lump sum payment.

Those retired and looking for an income stream.

Cash and taxes?

Selling your property at once and getting the complete cash for it is what a typical seller wants but is it the actual and ideal thing to do? If you need the cash for something urgent, then, by all means, you can go ahead with taking the full amount of cash, but if you don’t need all the cash, you need to think twice about it. The reality about selling a property is that you do not go home with the property’s complete amount of the sale. How is that so? As a seller, you have to pay the closing cost for the property, real estate fees, title insurance, broker fees, the balance of the existing finance, and there may even be a capital gains tax to be paid.


Why go through unnecessary stress and cash expenses when you can easily try the option of an installment sale? No stress or excessive billing is involved, and you don’t get to waste the cash proceeds from the sale all at once.

Installment Payment

On an installment sale, you only pay gains to the extent you receive monthly payments. This can be particularly advantageous if you have owned the property for several years. Furthermore, you can combine the installment sale with an IRC 1031 Tax- Deferred Exchange for further savings.

Owner financing has many advantages for the seller, and you can have those advantages with us here at NEA Residential and Commercial Properties.

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