What is bad credit?


Bad credit means your credit score is lower than the lender’s minimum threshold. Generally, this score ranges between 300-800 in the case of a mortgage. If your credit score is on the lower side of this range, it affects your ability to secure a mortgage.


Your credit score also affects the interest on the mortgage. A lower credit score means your ability to repay a debt is not guaranteed. As a result, a lender charges you a higher interest rate to secure itself against a possible default.


What factors impact your credit score?


Several factors influence your credit score. Lending companies analyze these indicators to assess your ability to repay a loan. These include:


Credit utilization ratio


The credit utilization ratio shows how much credit you have availed from the total credit limit available. You are in a difficult financial position if you have utilized a higher percentage. In such a scenario, the lending companies feel reluctant to extend their services. Or they will charge you a higher interest rate as compensation for the higher risk.


Payment history


Your payment history also plays a crucial role in securing a loan. If you pay bills in due time, it improves your credit score. Late payments negatively impact the credit score and impede your ability to get a loan on favorable terms.


You must pay the minimum amount required if you can’t pay the whole amount at the due date. This way, it will not reflect as a missed payment.

bad credit

Credit history length


The average age of your credit accounts influences your credit score. Lenders analyze the age of your oldest and newest credit accounts. If you have a long credit history, it vouches for your ability to pay back loans.


A sustained credit history improves your credit score. It makes it easier for lenders to extend a loan facility.


However, if you have defaulted on several accounts in the past, it pushes your credit score down. It makes a mortgage expensive for you.


New credit accounts


If you are going to apply for a mortgage soon, don’t open a new line of credit. It negatively impacts your credit score. Also, don’t close an established credit line.


When you shut down an existing credit account, it reduces the available credit. It is terrible for your financial outlook.


Also, don’t use too much credit in a short time. It indicates that you are cash-strapped and financially vulnerable. Try to limit your expenses or get some loan from your friends.


When applying for a new credit account, the lender looks into your credit file. It wants to ensure that you can pay back in due time. This evaluation appears as a hard inquiry in your record. A higher number of hard inquiries negatively impacts your credit score.


Credit mix


The credit mix indicates what kind of credit accounts you have. It shows your ability to accommodate different credit lines. It reflects positively on your credit score if you have a diverse portfolio.


How to buy a house with bad credit?

How to buy a house with bad credit?


If you have a bad credit score, it makes it challenging to buy a house. But you are not entirely out of options.


Shop around


Not all banks have the same eligibility criteria for extending a loan facility. Don’t be discouraged if multiple banks show you the door. Keep looking around and getting information. Eventually, you will find one that offers you a loan to buy a house at a favorable interest rate.


Lenders other than banks


If no bank accepts your application for a loan due to a poor credit score, you can look for lenders other than banks. There are independent companies who may entertain your application despite all the reservations.


Find a co-signer


If nobody entertains your application for a mortgage, a co-signer can help you get through this. A family member with a good credit score can become your co-signer.


A co-signer takes complete responsibility for paying back a loan if the primary borrower defaults. He is also responsible for paying the missed instalments. It gives assurance to the lender and helps you secure a loan to buy a house.

Find a co-signer

Owner financing


Owner financing is another viable option to buy a house in case of bad credit. You don’t need to rely on a traditional mortgage. Instead, the owner finances the buyer at a higher interest rate than the market.


When you buy a house using owner financing, you make a down payment and pay the remaining amount over the agreed time. It is the fastest and easiest way to meet your financing needs for buying a house. However, it is more expensive than traditional borrowing due to a higher risk to the lender.


In this type of financing, the lender neither considers your credit score nor performs any background check. Owner financing can prove the ultimate solution if you have explored all other options and failed in securing a mortgage.


How to improve bad credit before applying for a mortgage?


There are several steps that you can take to improve your credit score. It can help you secure an affordable mortgage rather quickly. Below are the measures that can prove consequential in improving your credit score:

Review credit report


The first step you can take is to review your credit report. You can access it through annualcreditreport.com. It helps you identify the errors and omissions in your credit report. There could be an open loan that you already have settled or an incorrect late payment. Removing these errors can give your credit score a positive push.

Review credit report

Stay within the budget


Make a budget for yourself and stay within limits. It will help you control your spending, preventing the need for any new credit facility. It boosts your credit score and improves your chances of securing a mortgage at reasonable terms.


Rapid rescore


It is a process that authorizes a lender to add new payment information to your credit report. It can lift your credit score and make you eligible for a mortgage.


Usually, when you settle a payment, it does not immediately reflect in your credit report. It happens through a process that takes time. But if you want this information displayed immediately to improve your credit score, rapid rescore is the best option.


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